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Classification of the different skill and fighting levels.

VAMAA LogoThe Victorian Amateur Martial Arts Association (VAMAA) was formed to provide up and coming Amateur Fighters with the opportunity to gain regular competitive experience, and to pave the way for them to turn professional.

As it currently stands, Amateur fighters are still finding that going from Amateur to Professional competition is too great a step to take, and are having great difficulty making the transition. To encourage fighters to step up to the next level, VAMAA has introduced 4 classes of Amateur Fighters. Each class provides the opportunity to gain experience within their own level and grow in experience and class levels as they compete in sanctioned & supervised events run by VAMAA.

Below are the proposed Fighter Classes, which will be implemented in VAMAA events once they have been approved by the VAMAA Board.

Please see: The below PDF explaining in detail the rules and regulations and all Class types

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